Pro.Skin Bundle

Healthy skin starts with a healthy environment 

Healthy skin is dependant on a multiplicity of factors, with external stressors being a key barrier to radiant, glowing skin. Pro.Skin utilises a clinically designed blend of prebiotics and probiotics alongside potent botanicals to provide multi-correctional skincare that restores balance and combats visible effects of a modern lifestyle. 


Discover the power of our protective, prebiotic and probiotic plant-based skincare

Bundle includes:

Pro.Skin Restore Cleanser 

Providing a gentle yet effective cleanse, Pro.Skin™️ Restore Cleanser removes surface impurities without disrupting the skin’s equilibrium. Prebiotics and probiotics work synergistically to hydrate and support the skin microbiome, leaving skin feeling supple and soft. 


Pro.Skin Replenish Serum

A multi-correctional facial serum, Pro.Skin™️ Replenish Serum utilises a unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics, botanical extracts, and plant oils to regulate sebum production, provide hydration, and support the skin’s microbiome. 


Pro.Skin Day Shield Cream

An antioxidant-rich facial cream suitable for all skin types, Pro.Skin™️ Day Shield Cream fights oxidative stress caused by free radicals with potent botanicals and plant oils, while the prebiotics and probiotics work to support the skin’s microbiome. 


Pro.Skin Night Shield Cream

Deeply moisturising and hydrating, Pro.Skin™️ Night Shield Cream rejuvenates and strengthens the skin with a blend of rich plant butters, while the prebiotics and probiotics work to support the skin’s microbiome.