What is the Menstrual journey?

The years of mastering your menstrual cycle

If you are able to track which phase you're in, you may be able to better predict how your skin will react and use the proper techniques to promote healthy skin.
Hormones can go haywire thanks to a myriad of things, from starting or discontinuing oral contraception pills, career, or maybe simply the stressors modern adult life. Cell turnover slows down, skin recovers less easily from inflammation, important proteins like collagen and elastin breakdown faster and less is formed. You can also experience hormonal acne.

Menstrual Skin Concerns


Stress and hormonal swings can wreak havoc on your skin. The growth hormones start to slow down, so the skin won't repair itself as it did in your 20s. Overloading skin with harsh products during this stage can impair the skin barrier further



Fluctuations of hormones - estrogen and progesterone during your menstrual cycle, cause increased oil production in the pore, which can lead to breakouts/acne.



Your skin may start needing a little extra help. The body’s processes begin to slow down, and cell turnover isn’t as efficient as it used to be. The result is that skin doesn’t bounce back the way it use to.

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Menstrual RESULTS

Use our Probiotic/Prebiotic formulas to strengthen skin and support it through your hormonal journey.

Menstrual Freebie

Menstrual Freebie

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Sync your serum with your menstrual cycle
The four phases of your menstrual cycle and how each phase can impact your skin 

The first step to stopping hormonal acne, excessive oiliness or severe dryness

The three serums you can use throughout your cycle to rid the pesky period pimples 

Tips to better understand and adapt your skin and other areas of your life around your cycle



Struggling a lot with sensitive skin and painful hormonal breakouts, I’ve been religiously using this day and night after cleansing for about a month, and those painful breakouts have definitely lessened! My pores also look smaller which is a win!

Leah M

I have suffered with Perioral dermatitis and Cystic Acne all my adult life. My skin along my jawline seemingly never healed and I would experience consistent congestion. I started using RR I am currently on my period, and I have had no new cystic acne appear, which is a first!

Kayleigh G

I have been looking for the right skin products for years and I have finally found it in the Rachel Ranger. My skin has never looked clearer or brighter. My face was always so oily by the end of the day well not anymore! I honestly cannot recommend these products enough, they are a life changer!


I get so many comments on my skin being calm and clear from people who have known me for years and my struggles. I cannot recommend RR enough to people, it really has completely changed my life and my self confidence and I never thought I’d be someone who got “your skin looks amazing” compliments.

Skin Consultation

Skin Consultation

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Our skin consultation is here to offer you more individualised guidance. We think personalised skincare should be more accessible to everyone. No more asking Facebook groups for skincare advice, hours on google or spending money on products that don’t do what you need them to.

I have put my skincare and product knowledge into an interactive consultation form to get the information necessary to create you a personalised skincare program.

BONUS: $30 redeemable on RR skincare*

*conditions apply

Master your menstrual cycle course
Master your menstrual cycle course

Master your menstrual cycle course

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From mood swings and cramps, to energy bursts and cravings, hormonal breakouts and mental burnout we know our bodies change throughout our cycle. 

Our 'Master your menstrual cycle to elevate your lifestyle, skin and career' course educates you on the link between the menstrual cycle and other important aspects of your everyday life. Let's get you from working against to working with your body’s natural changes.


A glimpse into your future after completing our 6 module, self paced course

👉🏼Let's turn your skin frustrations to happy, healthy skin. 

👉🏼Let's stop you googling “how to fix my hormones” or “what causes PMS?” 

👉🏼Let's get you from unsure to educated and empowered
👉🏼Let's stop your shiny skincare object syndrome and save you money on skincare that gives results all cycle round

👉🏼Let's elevate your lifestyle through the menstrual cycle

👉🏼Let's get you avoiding that constant mental burnout and optimise your energy and productivity

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created this course to help get you there 10x faster.
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