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RR Cleansing Pad (pack of 2)


Throw your makeup wipes away because our RR Cleansing pads are here. No need to rub or scrub leaving skin red and irritated. Our RR cleansing pad made from microfibre gently removes makeup and impurities, perfect for any skin type or sensitivity.  Each is good for up to 500 uses and requires only water to work—although we recommend the more effective cleanse...

RR Ceramic Gua Sha


RR Exclusive ceramic Gua Sha  - a beautiful blend of clay, minerals and the earth in one. Using a gua sha tool at home essentially gives your face a mini workout ― you are stimulating blood circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which can improve skin health The ‘must-have’ beauty tool for every skincare...

The Radiance Routine


This duo will have you feeling like you just walked out of the beauty salon. Relaxed, rejuvenated and looking radiant. This radiance routine will lift our spirits, helping to counteract stress hormones that can build up throughout the day. The more often you have time to pause and fill your own cup, the better equipped you will be to cope with stressful...

RR Vegan Kabuki Brush RR Vegan Kabuki Brush

RR Vegan Kabuki Brush


Our Vegan Kabuki Brush features high-density, luxuriously soft and non-irritating bristles to seamlessly blend our RR Mineral Powder Foundation into the skin, ensuring even coverage and a flawless finish every time. Features & BenefitsApplies the perfect amount of product Made from soft synthetic bristlesHigh-density brush allows for even coverageCreates an elegant airbrushed finish directions The versatile brush can used with loose...

RR Mask Brush RR Mask Brush

RR Mask Brush


Our Facial Mask Brush is soft and durable and perfect for applying our treatment masks. By using the brush you ensure that all the mask is equally distributed on your face and that there is no wasted product, enhancing your mask experience and making it more enjoyable and relaxing.  It is made with wood, aluminium and synthetic vegan hair, and is the perfect accompaniment...

Ceramic Mask Bowl Ceramic Mask Bowl

Ceramic Mask Bowl


Turn mixing your face mask into a ritual with these lovely ceramic handcrafted bowls made in our home town of Mandurah, WA. Each bowl is made exclusively for Rachel Ranger These small handmade pottery bowls have so many uses:- place your application of Renewal Face mask into bowl for use with mask brush- place sea salt in them for easy sprinkling while cooking-...