What stress can do to our skin?

Building your skin’s natural defences and healthy function

Let’s chat about stress for a moment shall we…. A topic we know all too well 😅
Stress is an issue far too many people face. Time and time again, we see people feeling overwhelmed because of the pressures that they face as part of modern life.
We feel pulled in different directions, stretched far too thin and this can often result in stress-release mechanisms such as, drinking alcohol, eating fatty comfort foods and caffeine. 
To combat the stress as well as the stress-release mechanisms we can OVER clean our face. We buy products on a whim, products we know very little about because we saw an advert once and the girl looked happy and glowy {relate? 😉} 
This over cleaning our skin is actually performing the adverse effect to healthy skin!
So, what can you do to build back your skin's natural defenses and healthy function? Ta da enter…. Pro and Prebiotics.
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How pro and prebiotics work in skincare 

The human body is home to millions of microorganisms and a bunch of these ecosystems actually live on your skin. These microorganisms reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against bad bacteria! 

Constant use of harsh facial cleansers and soaps strip your skin of these healthy bacteria or the 'good bugs', consequently damaging your skin's natural bacterial ecosystem. This makes your skin stressed and dry, causing skin issues like breakouts, eczema, rosacea flares and accelerated ageing.


How are pro and prebiotics different?


Essentially, prebiotics are ‘food’ for our good bacteria strains, while probiotics are actually ‘live’ bacteria. Both are clinically-proven to calm and soothe irritated skin while maintaining the health of our bacteria.

The more good bacteria we have in our body, the more likely we are to prevent the bad bacteria from taking over. 

The author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin, Dr. Whitney Bowe described pro and prebiotics as  "Probiotics contain the good guys, and prebiotics contain what the good guys like to consume to ensure their own survival and proliferation.



3 benefits of pro and prebiotics for our skin:


  1. They can help improve certain skin conditions. 
  2. They can help balance the skin 
  3. They help protect the skin. 

The natural bacterial environment of our skin has a very important protective role, so it’s vital that we keep it intact. 

With our over-clean modern lifestyles however, this ecosystem is often damaged and can result in dry, stressed, sensitive skin.

So what is the solution? What are the next steps?

Supporting your microbiome with a topical dose of pro and prebiotics and helping your personal ecosystem to stay balanced, which in turn results in glowing, happy skin.

It is vital to build back your skin’s natural defenses and healthy function. 

Our new Pro.Skin ™ range can do just that!

This skincare range is aesthetician designed with modern lifestyles in mind. The Pro.Skin ™ nourishes and protects the skin’s ecosystem. Pro.Skin ™ clinical range works with your skin, not against it, to restore balance, replenish the skin barrier and provide a defense against environmental and oxidative stress.

The range contains a Restore Cleanser to remove impurities without disrupting the skin’s equilibrium. A Replenish Serum, this serum is multi-correctional containing prebiotics, probiotics, botanical extracts and plant oils. A Day Shield Cream full of anti-oxidants and suitable for all skin types and the Night Shield Cream for jam-packed moisture and hydration. 

Does this sound like the exact range you have been looking for?

Get ready to Restore. Replenish. Rejuvenate 

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