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When I woke up in the morning I wasn't the type of girl that hit the ground running I was more of a night owl. I would work from my bed till midnight and then wake up feeling sluggish, which then resulted in a less productive day, a foggy mind and I felt like I was always chasing my tail.....

I was always reaching for the coffee to get my energy for the day and eating carb loaded food and my health and mindset was starting to take a dive..... So I decided to change my ways and head to bed earlier and cultivate a morning routine and TADAAAA it was a saving grace for my health and well-being.

How do you feel when you first open your eyes?  Do you think, “Oh yes, time to go!” or press snooze again on that alarm? or do you savor the stillness of morning? I get it, mornings can be hectic, especially if you have children to add to the mix, so I have put my top 4 tips that helped me gain clarity and gain mental and physical well-being.

Here’s my current morning routine and 4 tips to help you cultivate yours.

Lemon water first thing upon waking (and on an empty stomach) energizes the senses and supports the liver! Our liver cleanses our blood and detoxes our body from various toxins in our environment. Lemon Water aids in producing healthy stomach bile, also adding to proper digestion, and detoxification. Lemons, even though they seem acidic, are actually alkaline when ingested! As a collective, we tend to be too acidic. Bringing down acidic pH minimizes inflammation, clears skin, reduces joint pain and so much more! Lemons are also a great source of Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium. It’s best to allow 30 minutes for the lemon water to process throughout your system.



While the lemon water is waking up the body, I take this time to write down or say out loud what I'm grateful for.  This can be about anything that you are feeling grateful for, from music, fresh food, best friends anything, just find something to feel grateful for in each day. Starting the day with a positive mindset creates space for connection, clears the mind + gives honest self-reflection. 



Movement! This can be simply taking a walk down your street, stretching, going to the gym, yoga (or dance!) for as little as 20mins. 
By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin.


My fiancé and I decided two years ago that our phones are to live in the kitchen when we go to bed. This has been beneficial in so many ways. It means when your alarm goes off you get out of bed with no snooze and you don't sit there wasting your morning scrolling through the gram. So when it comes to my morning routine I choose not to look at my phone (emails, messages, social) until I have done the steps above. Do you find yourself getting stuck scrolling aimlessly on your phone and you look up and its been half an hour?? give the phone free time a go.
Practicing positive rituals first thing can change your outlook on mornings, and possibly yourself! I challenge you to start a morning routine with what feeds your mind + body + soul.

It is so important to dedicate time to fill your own cup, even if it is for half hour each morning. You will definately notice the benefits. We can always use a little more self-love + connection.

Have a great morning!

xx RR

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