Brittany's Reborn Story

Ten years ago, a ripe 21 version of myself travelled to Australia in hopes of backpacking the country, potentially falling in love, and definitely learning how to surf. 

I backpacked the country, plus a few others. 

I fell in love. 

I did not successfully learn how to surf.

Fast forward to now, I am happily married, have a mortgage, am a business owner, oh, and have a toddler who is very cute. 

It has been three years since I have been home in Canada, but in October that changed. We applied for an exemption to leave Australia to return to Canada for a minimum of three months. It was approved.

While I was getting all of the paperwork ready, planning who would stay in our house and watch our dog, it dawned on me that this trip home would be different- the version of me my lifelong friends, and family knew, was different from the last version.

This time I was entering Canada as a mother, and a business owner. Someone who has found their voice, and speaks up for what she believes in. I was somebody different. This version of me is the one I like the best, and one I am happy to showcase to those who have known me forever. 

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