Beth's Reborn Story

I feel I have had quite a few ‘re-born’ episodes in my life but possibly the most significant was when I left my high salary paying, corporate job to start my own business. I found working for big organisations simply soul destroying over time and it took me to hit rock bottom before I literally was re-born from the ashes of what feels like a past life for me now. I now 100% embrace the fact that I am not built for life as an employee and once I accepted this and put my everything into my own small business, my life became more fulfilling than I could ever imagine.

I know now that I had to experience the dark times in order to come to the realisation that something drastic had to change. So, nowadays I say to others, when you’re in a real funk, it’s the universe’s way of telling you something needs to change, something is no longer serving you and it’s through this discomfort that you GROW! 

Today, I get live my life on my own terms and I get to support and encourage other women to do the same. I can’t ask for better than that! 

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