5 ways to help you become a beauty routine minimalist

May 20, 2020

5 ways to help you become a beauty routine minimalist

The sustainable and effortless way!

When you think simplicity what do you think of? Marie Kondoing {yes! Her surname has indeed become an adjective} your life? Simplicity by definition means the quality or condition of being uncomplicated. 
So let’s transfer that into our everyday beauty routine because it’s never been easier to look amazing in a sustainable and effortless way. 
Here are FIVE simple ways to get you on your way to become a beauty minimalist!


Clear out that cupboard

Ok be honest, when last did you open the cupboard doors to your beauty products and actually sort them out. Sorting out in terms of checking expiry dates , if it has exceeded it’s use-by date there is no use for it! Bin it baby! {psst check that mascara! It has a 3 month expiry!}
Ever bought a product online or from a store, used it once and quickly found out that it did not agree with your skin? Is that still in your cupboard? Donate it! Everyone’s skin responds differently but there is no need for products that do not agree with that beautiful skin of yours.
At Rachel Ranger we are all about quality ingredients, minimal effort and effective products that your skin LOVES and that enhance your natural beauty.
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Clean it up

Clean what up you ask? We hear about eating clean foods. Foods that fill your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals and help build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels. 
While eating foods like this can do wonders for your skin, nourishing your skin with products that contain beneficial and nutritive ingredients is vital too. Our products contain quality ingredients such as, plants, butters, bioactives, clean and minimal ingredients. 
We are also vegan and cruelty free!
Find products that align with your values as well as your skincare needs!  BAG IT
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Minimal makeup

If you are serious about becoming a beauty minimalist then creating a minimalist makeup collection comes with the territory. 
In a perfect world our minimalist makeup bag would be empty. We would all wake up fresh-faced and ready to tackle the day looking fab! That is not the case. We all experience those days where we wake up with tired eyes, dull and pale skin and need a little pick me up. Makeup seems to do the trick. 
Since we’re not giving up makeup altogether we can put together a ‘capsule makeup collection’ that can save time as well as a less cluttered drawer and makeup bag.
Let that natural beauty shine with a BB cream, mascara, blush or bronzer, brow balm and lip balm
Ready. Set. Go tackle the day!

Minimal haircare

Swap out chemical haircare that only builds up in your hair and try our Mane Changer ™️ "Skincare for the scalp". Our botanical hair range cares for your scalp and has longer lasting results in between washes. 
Leaving hair to dry naturally will require less heat on those gorgeous locks. Your locks spend less time under the heat and more time expressing their natural qualities. This results in more time spent in the morning doing something for yourself that is going to set you up for a positive day! 
Change up that pillowcase of yours! You spend an average of 8 hours with that beautiful head lying horizontally on a pillow so it’s important to invest in a case that will benefit you. 
Silk pillowcase have many benefits:
  1. They are amazing for women who have fragile and damaged hair or even women suffering from hair loss during pregnancy and postpartum.
  2. Less friction on your hair prevents irritation, breakages or damage which means healthier, luscious locks.






Photo @byrdiebeauty


Multi-purpose your products

The same products for different purposes! The perfect solution to minimising your beauty products!  Our products can have many different purposes for example, our mineral powder foundation mixed with the hydrating all-rounder cream and VOILA you’ve got a liquid foundation.
Using less = Sustainability 🌿 = Effective 
How did you do with these 5 ways?
Are you almost there to becoming a beauty routine minimalist?
Our products are all about Effortless. Safe. Effective and perfect for the beauty minimalist.
Let our products help you get started on your minimalist journey! 👇🏼
Our basic pack includes an everyday cleanser, day lotion with SPF +15, hydrating all rounder and a powder exfoliant. 

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